Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Girl's Weekend

I had the opportunity to do something pretty life-changing and epic recently!  It all started several months ago when I made a comment on FaceBook about friends who I know would bend over backward for me, but who I never get to see or talk to because everyday life gets in the way.  
Well, one of those friends commented, followed by some others and out of it was born the most amazing girl's weekend ever!  Thank you Facebook!:) I don't get a chance to do these often (or ever!) so when the stars aligned with people's work, kids, husbands and life schedules, we had to jump on it.  
I spent 3 glorious days in LA with 3 of my college roommates.  We haven't all been together since I moved away from Utah almost 6 years ago!  It has been so long and all of us have spread out and gone different directions, but when we all get back together again, it is like nothing changed (except that staying up until 2 am is a lot harder now then it was in college!)

We got a house on the beach for the weekend and all met up in LA.  Coming in from Phoenix, Utah, Seattle and me from Houston, it was quite the gathering.

We went and saw Wicked.  My first time and it was awesome.

And driving into Hollywood, I kept trying to get a picture of the sign and it was epic fail.  This attempt was my favorite...I literally got a blank billboard instead!  Nice!!
 We stayed out on Manhattan Beach and it was amazing.  Perfect weather the whole weekend.
 Enjoying sunset.

 We went to the LA Temple and the visitors center one night.  Very cool.

 My last morning there, I got up early for a jog and was able to run the pier during the sunrise...pretty awesome.  I called to facetime with the kids then and they liked it too :)
 They also had an amazing creamery and candy shop that we went to a few times.  I loved the chairs they had...very Alice in Wonderland.
Over all I had the most amazing and relaxing weekend.  Jeff was awesome for taking the kids all weekend and I was excited to see my family by the end of it.  I hope we can do it again soon!!

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